Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I released the full version of box fox!! Will be adding more maps and element to it in future.

Have done some random work on the RTS,

-Cleaned up a lot and made the controls nicer
-Have created stationary turrets
-Have started some the AI, it currently works out where to put a base, and builds up, but doesn't attack yet.

I decided that the AI is going to be very spatial based. it will mark out areas for it's base, areas that need more defence, areas that do lots of damage to the enemy, and areas that it takes heavy losses and should avoid.

The multiplayer is going to be done using the classic lock-step method (where all orders are queued, and run in sync), that way it works well on slower mobile connections, and handle lag better if done right. I feel supporting saving and loading multiplayer games at some stage is necessary due to the game being on a mobile phone, so I'm going to have to write code to resynchronize games. I'm also not sure how well mobile phone CPUs match with floating point maths so I may be forced to write that resynchronizing code anyway.

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  1. Dear developer,
    I don't know how to port forward. My router doesn't give a successful open port. I tried several times but the router only restarts and the rusted warfare is still Closed to the internet. I want to play with my friend 14 km away from me. Please help opening the game publicly. There are multiplayer games that doesn't need to port forward. Please make a solution. I am just an average techie.