Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First post :p

I've decided to start a development blog for some of the games I've been working on...

Been working on getting a full version of the android game 'Box Fox' done, made quite a few new elements and puzzles now, including remote controlled cars, mirrors, lasers :)

Here is a screenshot of the lasers in a new puzzle.

I have also started developing android RTS, going to work on adding some A* pathfinding, and AI soon.


  1. wow...really nice game....I love it ..thanks a lot for introducing it..
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  2. You should check out Wearable Game, Path Finder. It’s a simple finger-runner. You just need to keep your finger on the screen, stay inside the line and walk through an odd and unpredictable path. No matter what, don’t let the small red dot to leave the path! Download it from Google Play

  3. Dear developer,
    I don't know how to port forward. My router doesn't give a successful open port. I tried several times but the router only restarts and the rusted warfare is still Closed to the internet. I want to play with my friend 14 km away from me. Please help opening the game publicly. There are multiplayer games that doesn't need to port forward. Please make a solution. I am just an average techie.